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Questions & Answers

Will the SuperGold app replace my card?

No. To get SuperGold discounts, you need to show your SuperGold Card when you make a purchase. A digital card is not currently included in the SuperGold app.

Will the app share my personal information?

No. The app does not ask for any personal information.

Special offers may require you to include your SuperGold client number and date of birth. This is so the Ministry of Social Development can verify that you are a cardholder. To access these deals, you may be asked to enter your client number (found on the back of your SuperGold Card) and date of birth into the app or website.

This personal information is sent to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) for automatic checking. Your card number and date of birth are not stored by the app or website.

How much does the SuperGold cost?

The SuperGold Card is free of charge.

Can I use my SuperGold Card to travel free on public transport?

Yes. SuperGold Cardholders can get free off-peak travel on public transport in many areas around New Zealand.

In most areas off-peak is usually 9am to 3pm and from 6.30pm to the end of service on weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays. In some areas you will also need a smart card from the Regional Council to access free off-peak travel.

How do I use SuperGold to travel for free?

It is easy. In most areas you will just need to show your SuperGold Card to the bus driver, train staff or other transport operator. Check the table below to see if there are any additional requirements in your area.

Region Card Type Cost Off-peak hours Other details More information
Auckland AT HOP Card (Gold) $10 fee to get a card, plus you need to load a minimum of $1 credit. After 9am weekdays, all day weekends and public holidays You will need to have some money loaded on your AT HOP card if you want to travel during peak hours. AT HOP
Bee Card $5 fee when ordered online or in person. 9am to 3pm and from 6:30pm to the end of service on weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays. This timeframe may vary across regions, contact your local customer service point for more information.
  • To make use of the free off-peak travel in these regions, SuperGold users must have their concession loaded onto their Bee Card.
  • If you use the bus during peak hours, use your Bee Card to receive the senior concession available in your region.
  • You should always tag on and off no matter when you are travelling as you may be charged a default fare.
  • From time to time you may be asked to prove you are a SuperGold card holder when travelling, so please keep your card on you.
Bee Card
Rest of New Zealand SuperGold Card Free of charge 9am to 3pm and from 6:30pm to the end of service on weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays You need to show your SuperGold Card to access the free off-peak concession.

How do I order a replacement card?

If your SuperGold Card is lost, stolen, damaged or if you change your name, call or email us to order a replacement card. You will need to let us know your full name, date of birth, current residential and postal address and SuperGold Card client number if you have one (found on the back of your SuperGold Card). You should receive a replacement card within three weeks – free of charge.

Can I add a photo to my SuperGold Card?

Yes. If you would like to add an ID photograph to your SuperGold Card, visit an AA Centre or a Vehicle Licensing agent. You will need to bring your SuperGold Card and three original documents showing proof of your identity – such as your passport, birth certificate, driver licence, a bank statement, phone or power account. Please see below a full list of the documentation requirements below:

  • For New Zealand born clients - one government-issued document stating full legal name and date of birth (e.g. birth certificate, passport, driver licence, firearms licence, deed poll, etc)
  • For clients born overseas - proof of lawful residence in New Zealand (e.g. New Zealand passport, other country passport with residence visa, citizenship certificate, etc)
  • All clients - two more documents supporting identity. (e.g. marriage certificate, bank statement, phone or power account, driver licence, etc.)
    Note: One of the documents requested above must be at least 2 years old.
  • All clients - proof of any name change (e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll)

Is SuperGold Card just for free off-peak transport?

No. SuperGold - or the ‘gold card’ as some people know it - gives you golden opportunities to stretch your money further. There are thousands of instant discounts and special offers - including everyday expenses like electricity, insurance, food and healthcare.

Who pays for the SuperGold discounts?

SuperGold is one way the government and business community can say thank you for your contribution to Aotearoa.

The government contributes to SuperGold free off-peak public transport. Offers and discounts are provided by the businesses themselves.

What is the difference between SuperGold and the ‘gold card’?

There is no difference, it is the same card. Some people call it SuperGold Card or the gold card.

When will I receive my SuperGold Card?

You will be automatically issued a SuperGold Card when you’re granted:

  • New Zealand Superannuation or a Veteran's Pension or
  • A main benefit at age 65 or over.

Your New Zealand Superannuation will need to be approved at least three weeks before turning age 65 if you wish to receive your SuperGold Card by your 65th birthday.

Is SuperGold connected to my New Zealand Superannuation?

Once your New Zealand Superannuation or Veteran’s Pension has been granted, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) will automatically send your SuperGold Card in the mail.

If you do not receive or are not eligible to receive New Zealand Superannuation, you can still apply for a SuperGold Card (PDF 255KB).

What if I am already receiving a main benefit?

If you are turning 65 and receiving a main benefit from the Ministry of Social Development, your SuperGold Card will arrive at least three weeks after you are granted New Zealand Superannuation on your 65th birthday. If you are not applying for New Zealand Superannuation then you will need to call or email us to advise you have turned 65 so we can send you a new SuperGold Card.

Can I use my SuperGold Card as an ID card?

SuperGold Card is not intended to be a form of identification.

Does my SuperGold Card have an expiry date?

Since May 2010, there are no expiry dates on SuperGold Cards. If the back of your card includes an expiry date (EXP) and this date has expired, please call or email us and we will send you a replacement card.

The only cards with an expiry date are ‘combo cards’.

Combo cards double as both a Community Services Card and SuperGold Card. They are a SuperGold Card that have the letters CSC on the back, and EXP to indicate the expiry date of the card. These cards have an expiry date because entitlement to a Community Services Card can change over time.

How does the Community Services Card work with SuperGold?

If you have a current Community Services Card at the time you are granted New Zealand Superannuation, you can use your Community Services Card until its expiry date. If you continue to qualify for a Community Services Card, you will need to complete a Community Services Card application form to get a new SuperGold/Community Services Combo Card. It will have the initials CSC on the back and will have an expiry date. Your new ‘combo card’ replaces your Community Services Card. You can use this card for both health subsidies and SuperGold discounts.

Can I still get SuperGold if I am not a resident?

If you are not normally a resident in New Zealand and do not intend to stay here, you will not qualify to receive a SuperGold Card.