About the SuperGold Card

General information about the SuperGold Card - what it does and who it's for.

What is the SuperGold Card?

supergold combo card back image
supergold standard card image

The SuperGold Card is for eligible seniors and veterans, recognising the contribution you make to New Zealand society.

The card gives you access to:

  • discounts and offers from a wide range of businesses
  • government funded free off-peak public transport concessions
  • services and discounts from your local council.

The back of the card indicates whether you have entitlement to New Zealand Superannuation (NZS), the Veteran’s Pension and/or Community Services Card.

The card does not contain any personal information other than your name, client and card numbers, and any of these entitlements.

There are two versions of the card; an “S-branded” SuperGold Card and a “V-branded” Veteran SuperGold Card.

Who can get a SuperGold Card?

You are eligible to receive a SuperGold Card if you are:

  • 65 years or over and legally and ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • under 65 years and receive the Non-Qualified Spouse or Partner rate of NZ Super or Veteran's Pension
  • under 65 years and currently receive the Veteran's Pension.

If you are not legally and ordinarily resident in New Zealand, you will not qualify to receive a card.

"Ordinarily resident" means someone who is normally and lawfully resident in New Zealand and intends to stay here.

Is there an expiry date on the SuperGold Card?

From May 2010 SuperGold-only cards (those without Community Services Card entitlement) no longer have an expiry date.

If you have a SuperGold-only card issued before this date, that has now expired, please email us at information@supergold.govt.nz and we will send you a replacement card. Note: The best way to tell if you need a replacement card is to check if the letters EXP are written on your card. If EXP is on your card and you do not have entitlement to a CSC then you should contact us for a replacement card. In your email please provide your name, address and SuperGold Card number.

The only cards with an expiry date are ‘Combo Cards’. Combo cards double as both a Community Services Card and SuperGold Card. They will have the letters CSC on the back of the card, and EXP to indicate the expiry date of the card. These cards have an expiry date because entitlement to CSC can change over time and clients are reassessed for eligibility at least every three years.

Attached are images of current SuperGold Cards: SuperGold-only cards without an expiry date and Combo Cards with an expiry date (has the letters EXP on it).

How does the Community Services Card work with the SuperGold Card?

If you have a current Community Services Card at the time you are granted NZ Super, your current Community Services Card can be used to its expiry date, but you will need to re-apply when it expires. NZ Super is counted as income and we need you to update your income details.

If you are successful when you re-apply for a Community Services Card, a new SuperGold Card/Community Services Card ‘combo card’ will be issued to you with the initials ‘CSC’ on the back.

Please note the expiry date on the back of your card as this can range from one to three years, depending on your personal financial circumstances.

Your new ‘combo card’ replaces your Community Services Card and can be used for both health subsidies and SuperGold Card discounts.

What do I need to do when my combo card is about to expire?

In most cases your SuperGold Card/Community Services Card (combo card) will be automatically reissued. However, if you receive NZ Super and your income is close to the limit to receive a Community Services Card, you will be sent a renewal application before your current card expires.

You’ll need to complete and return the application so we can issue you with the appropriate card.

Note: If you receive a Veteran’s Pension you receive a new combo card automatically.

How much does the SuperGold Card cost?

The card is free of charge.