Getting your SuperGold Card

Your SuperGold Card will be sent to you automatically once you have been granted NZ Super.

Who automatically receives the SuperGold Card?

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You will be automatically issued a SuperGold Card when:

  • you are granted NZ Super or a Veteran's Pension or
  • you are granted a main benefit at age 65 or over.

Your NZ Super will need to be approved at least three weeks prior to turning age 65 if you wish to receive your SuperGold Card by age 65. 

If you already receive a main benefit your SuperGold Card will take extra time to get to you. More information about this is outlined below.

What if you are already receiving a main benefit?

If you are receiving a main benefit from Work and Income and you are turning 65 you will not receive your SuperGold Card until at least three weeks after you are granted NZ Super.

Your NZ Super cannot be granted until you turn 65 so that you continue to receive payments from your main benefit right up until your 65th birthday.

You can discuss this further with your case manager if you have any questions.

How do you apply for a SuperGold Card?

If you are not going to be sent a SuperGold Card automatically you can complete a SuperGold Card Application Form and send it to us. You can download one here, or ring us on 0800 25 45 65 to have a form sent to you.

What proof of identity is needed when you apply for a SuperGold Card?

All new applications for a SuperGold Card must be accompanied by the following:

  • For New Zealand born clients, one form of government-issued documentation stating their full legal name and date of birth (eg birth certificate, passport, driver licence, firearms licence, deed poll etc)
  • For clients born overseas, proof of their lawful residence in New Zealand (eg New Zealand passport, other country passport with residence visa, citizenship certificate, etc)
  • Two more documents supporting their identity. These could include a marriage certificate, bank statement, phone or power account, driver licence, etc. Note: One of the documents requested above must be at least two years old.
  • Proof of any name change.

Order a NZ Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate online

You will need originals or certified copies of this identification for verification. (Certified copies means the original document was copied, stamped and initialled either by a Work and Income/Senior Services staff member, Justice of the Peace, Solicitor; or Court Registrar).

Adding a photo to your card

To add a photo to your card, visit your nearest AA Driver and Vehicle Licensing outlet. You will need to bring your SuperGold Card and the originals of the identification you have provided in the ‘Proof of Identity’ section above.

Where can you get more information about the SuperGold Card?

The SuperGold Card is managed by Senior Services, Ministry of Social Development.

For more information:

SuperGold Card
PO Box 1556