Terms of use

This page sets out the card's terms of use. It also details the general business discount conditions and what you can do if you experience any problems using your card at a SuperGold Card Business.

Card terms

Your SuperGold Card is a personal card.  This means you:

  • must present this card to get any of its discounts and concessions
  • cannot give your card away, lend or offer it
  • cannot use your card if we have asked you to send it back and/or have sent you a new card.

General discount terms

  • The SuperGold Card business discounts apply to SuperGold cardholders only. They do not apply to family members or friends.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the SuperGold Card discount can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Make sure you ask the business offering the discount whether there are any such conditions before making a purchase.
  • Always ask what the normal quoted price is before asking for the SuperGold Card Card discount or presenting your card. This will help ensure you receive your full discount.
  • Present your SuperGold Card at the time of booking or prior to making your purchase. Some businesses may find it difficult to process a discount once a transaction has been completed.

Complaints and feedback

If you have concerns with the quality of goods or services you have received, you will need to take these up with the retailer or supplier.

Organisations such as the Consumers' Institute, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs or Citizens Advice Bureau may assist with further advice.

If you discover a business offering discounts to seniors and they are not listed in the directory or on the SuperGold Card website, please advise the SuperGold Card Centre on 0800 25 45 65 or send us an email. We will contact these businesses and invite them to register with the programme.

It is free for businesses to join the SuperGold Card programme.