Directory Help

The SuperGold Directory helps cardholders to find discounts and concessions in their area.

What is the SuperGold Card Directory?

The SuperGold Directory is a searchable online database.

It lists all the discounts and offers available to SuperGold Card holders (in real time) from businesses, local councils and Government agencies.

Cardholders can narrow their search by region and/or category for the service or product they are looking for.

New Features

In response to cardholder feedback, we have made a number of changes to the search and select functions of the SuperGold Discount Directory: 

  • When selecting search criteria, you can now remove individual items without having to clear the entire search.
  • You can now filter your search results to include or exclude results physically located inside/outside your search area.  Your filter selections will be remembered for the duration of your search session.
  • You can now sort your search results by name (A-Z) or relevance
  • Results that you select will be remembered across multiple searches.
  • You can now export your selected results to Portable Document Format (PDF), and save, email or print them from your PDF reader. 

We have also added a new feature called Build Your Discount Directory that allows you to create a booklet-style PDF directory of businesses in your region or district/s, sorted by service type.

For more information on this feature and the other changes we’ve made, please read the sections below.

Build your Discount Directory

If you want a snapshot of businesses in your local area in an easy-to-print format, use the Build your Discount Directory feature.

You can find this feature in the tabs at the top of the homepage.

Screen shot of Build your Discount Directory tab

To generate a discount directory, follow these instructions

  1. Choose a region from the "Select your region" drop-down
    Screen shot of select your region.
  2. If you want the directory to cover the entire region, select "All districts". Otherwise, you can select one or more districts using the tickbox next to each district name:
    Screen shot of select all districts.
  3. Next, select the discount/promotion categories that you want to include in your discount directory. If you want to include them all, select the "All categories" option:
    Screen shot of select categories.
  4. Choose how you want the businesses in your discount directory to be grouped.

    If you have selected an entire region, or multiple districts, you may wish to select the "By district then discount/promotion category" option.

    If you have chosen a single district, or if you would like businesses to be grouped together by service type regardless of which district they are located in, then select the "By service type" option.

    Screen shot of select grouping.
  5. Select the Create Directory (PDF) button to generate your discount directory

Your internet browser will prompt you to either open or save the file. If you wish to print or email your discount directory, we recommend that you save the file first.

Please note, if you do not have a PDF reader installed on the computer you are using, you may need to download one.

There is a PDF reader called "Adobe Reader" that you can download for free from the Adobe website,

How to print your discount directory as an A5 booklet

Once you have created your discount directory, you may wish to print it. You can select what paper size and layout you want using the print settings in your PDF reader.

If you are using Adobe Reader X, follow these instructions to print your discount directory as an A5 booklet.

  1. Select the File menu, and then the Print option
    Screen shot of PDF file menu.
  2. From the Print option page, select the "Booklet" option
    Screen shot of print options.
  3. Select the Print button. Your discount directory will print on standard A4-sized paper, but each page will have two sections. Once all the pages have printed, fold them in half horizontally, and you should have an A5-sized booklet.

If you are using a different PDF reader, please refer to the Help option in your PDF reader for instructions on how to print your discount directory as a booklet.

Important notes:

  • Please make sure you have enough paper in your printer. Some discount directories will be over a hundred pages long, even in booklet form.
  • If your discount directory is too big to print, you may wish to create a directory for a single district rather than a whole region or multiple districts
  • You may wish to staple along the spine of your A5 booklet, to keep the pages safe.

How to use the Directory

You can search using any or all of these options:

  • Select your region
  • Select a category
  • Enter any Keywords

Select your region

You can select a location (region or district(s)) from the map. When you search, the results will show businesses located in that area by default. If you wish, you can expand the results to show businesses located in other areas.

You can add multiple districts by selecting them from the map with your mouse. If you want to remove something you've selected, click the X sign to the right of the item to clear it.

Select your category

Select the type of service or product you are looking for from Select a Discount/Promotion category

Select a Discount/Promotion category lists the main categories. Once you select a category name you will see its sub-categories.

You can add multiple service types by selecting them with your mouse. If you want to remove something you’ve selected, click the X sign to the right of the item to clear it.

Your Search/Keywords

You can search on one or more keywords.

The "Your search selection" box will reflect any region, service(s) and keyword(s) you specify, so you can review your search criteria before you press Search.

Directory - Search Results

When you select Search, the search engine will display a summary page of results. The results show a list of businesses whose information matches your search criteria.

If you wish, you can:

  • Only show businesses located in the area you selected.
    To do this, make sure the "Located in the selected area" tickbox is selected, and the "Located outside the selected area" tickbox is de-selected.
  • Expand your results to include businesses located outside the area you selected.
    To do this, select the "Located outside the selected area" checkbox.
  • Sort your search results by relevance or by name.
  • Change the number of results to display on a page.
  • Select results to view on a different page (for more information on this feature, see below).
  • Print the results page. The print button is located in the toolbar at the top of the page.
  • Refine your search or execute a new search by selecting the "Keep Searching" button.

To view all of a business’ discounts/promotions and contact details, select the link of the business.

Your Selection

You can build your own list of results to view, print, email or save by using the "Add to selection" button.

The "Add to selection" button appears to the right of each result in the results page. You can also find it on a business’ detail page.

If you want to remove the result from your selection, use the "Remove from selection" button.

Important note: previously, you were only able to select results from a single search. Now, when you select results, they will be saved for the duration of your search session (normally thirty minutes, unless you close your browser).

To access your selected results, you can use the “View your X selected businesses” button on the search results page.

You can also view or clear your selection from the main search page:

When you view your selection, you can choose to:

  • Show your selected results on a map.
  • Download your selection to Portable Document Format (PDF). Your browser will prompt you to open or save the file. If you wish to print or email the results, we recommend that you save them first.
  • Remove individual results from your selection.
  • Refine your selection to add/remove results from the results page.
  • Keep searching to add/remove results from a different search.

Please note, if you do not have a PDF reader installed on the computer you are using, you may need to download one.

There is a PDF reader called "Adobe Reader" that you can download for free from the Adobe website,


There is a Print Friendly option so you can print the Results page, Business details, Your Selection, etc without the text cutting off.

The Print friendly option is located in the toolbox at the top right of each page in the Directory. When selected, it will show the details you want to print in a new page. You can then select Print from your usual browser menu.

Note: the Print current page option in the toolbox will print the current page as it appears in your browser. It may include any frames/images and may cut off the text. We recommend using the Print Friendly option.

Contact us/How to get more help

If you have a question about a topic not covered here, please contact us, and we will respond as soon as we can.